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Somfy SYPROTECT Home Alarm Smart Alarm System With Mobile App


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Out of stock


The Somfy SYPROTECT Home Alarm Smart Sold in Lebanon by Smart Security Y.C.C will allow you to protect your home at any time.

The only wireless alarm system that chases intruders away before they’ve even entered the premises. In addition, the Somfy Home Alarm Pack can be expanded to include additional cameras and sensors.

Features of the Somfy SYPROTECT Home Alarm Smart:

  •  Wireless Alarm System with free mobile application and SMS sending
  •  3 x Door and Window Sensor
  •  Motion Sensor
  •  Indoor Siren 110dB
  •  2 x Key fob: Remote Control
  •  Link to connect all devices to the internet with 6hrs backup battery


Detection before a break-in

Thanks to its patented IntelliTAG® technology, the vibration and opening sensors can trigger the alarm before the intruder has entered.
How do they do this? They are able to differentiate between a normal event (someone knocking at the door) and a break-in attempt (drill, crowbar).


Control your system

Activate and deactivate your alarm system easily, and know who is and isn’t at home.

Improve your security with Smart Activation

Your system allows you to activate and deactivate your wireless alarm.

Know what is happening at home

Monitor your home when you aren’t there.

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