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Somfy Outdoor Camera with an integrated siren


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Out of stock


Somfy Outdoor Camera is weather resistant, tamper proof, and offers exceptional image quality. It features a smart activation function to deactivate automatically your camera once you’ve arrived at home. When you leave your house, you receive a notification on your smartphone to enable your camera if you have forgotten to do it.


The outdoor camera with built-in siren

The Somfy Outdoor Camera is the first line of defence in your home security. Its unique deterrent system, comprising a built-in 110 dB siren, protects you from break-in attempts.


Intruder detection

The camera detects movements when someone approaches.


Notification and video

You receive an immediate notification and a video recording on your smartphone.


Triggering the siren

Finally, if it is a break-in attempt, you can trigger the siren straight from your app to deter the burglar.


Lights are an additional deterrent

For even greater deterrence and comfort, you can link your camera to an existing light fixture.
At night, the light will deter intruders and also guide you back to your door.


Security that fits your daily life

In addition to its advanced detection technology combining image analysis and thermal detection, inactive zones can be selected easily to ensure that movement in the neighbouring garden is not detected for instance.


Increase your security

With Smart Activation, your outdoor camera allows you to activate or deactivate the motion detector.


Monitor the outside of your home

The app allows you to see what is happening in your garden from wherever you are, even at night, thanks to night vision.


Listen and speak

With its microphone and speakers, you can listen and speak using the app.


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