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Somfy Keygo 4 RTS Remote Control


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SKU KEYGO-RTS-remote-control Category
SKU KEYGO-RTS-remote-control Category


Out of stock


The Somfy Keygo 4 RTS Remote Control provided by Smart Security in Lebanon will help you open your garage doors easily.

Moreover, the RTS key is able to give you control over 4 Somfy garage doors at the same time.

Furthermore, it is very easily set up and connected to the garage door controller.

Likewise, the RTS device is powered using a battery and does not require any wires. Thus, all the troubles that come with installing wires are a thing of the past.

Additionally, its compact design makes it very convenient for carrying in your pocket or bag. Indeed having this device will not cause you any trouble whether weight-wise or size-wise.

add to that, the device has a very good range of 30 meters. Hence, you no longer have to be near the receiver to activate the device of your choice.


Features of the Somfy Keygo 4 RTS Remote Control:

  • Durable and compact
  • Withstands knocks and moisture
  • One central button is easy to locate without taking the eyes off the road
  • Distinctively-colored central button avoids confusion
  • Radio Frequency : 433,42 MHz
  • Range in the open field: 30 m
  • The capacity of memory: 4


Thus, getting this Somfy Remote Control is a great investment for your Smart home to make all its functions at your fingertip. Even more, imagine having the luxury and ease of opening your doors with one swipe of a badge.

So, call us today at Smart Security and let our professional operators help you make the best choice for your smart home in Lebanon.


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