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Somfy ELIXO 500 3S IO PACK CONNECT Sliding gate opener


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SKU 1216480 Category
SKU 1216480 Category


Out of stock


The Somfy ELIXO 500 3S IO PACK CONNECT Sliding gate opener is provided in Lebanon by Smart Security for all sliding gates in Lebanon.

Moreover, this motor is a powerful device capable of opening 10-meter gates that weigh up to 500 KG.

Additionally, it is easy very easy to install for the installer. thus, that means you will not have to wait for a long time to finish the installation.

Furthermore, it can last for a long time before the next maintenance, because it can open and close around 50,000 times according to the tests it took.

Likewise, this brand is known and is the trust of millions around the world, when it comes to the best quality home automation devices.

Accordingly, years of research and dedication to quality will give you the best experience when entering and exiting your home.

Benefits of the Somfy ELIXO 500 3S IO


Easy to install

  • Easy access to ground fixation screws from the top


3S electronics

  • Quick and safe installation
  • The installation complies with standards without any setting
  • Get started in 2 minutes
  • All setting are pre-programmed
  • Customized installation without hesitation
  • Intuitive ergonomics
  • Integrated communicative screen
  • Real-time display of each programming stage
  • Connection of multiple accessories
  • Unpluggable colored terminal blocks to wire each accessory with no risk of mistake


Easy maintenance

  • Real-time display of motor status
  • Opening and closing counter


Reliability and durability

  • Mechanics and electronics are based on years of experience within the Somfy group
  • Suitable for residential area use and it can perform  55,000 opening and closing operations
  • Long lifetime with a soft stop at the end of travel


Convenient to use

  • Rapid: 15s for an opening 3m wide
  • Easy key unlocking from inside


io home control technology

  • Compatible with all equipment from the Somfy io range
  • Feedback from all two-way io remote controls
  • Remote operation and control with Tahoma


Thus, getting the Somfy ELIXO 500 3S IO PACK CONNECT Sliding gate opener is a great investment for your Smart home to make all its functions at your fingertip. Even more, imagine having the luxury and ease of opening your doors with one swipe of a badge.

So, call us today at Smart Security and let our professional operators help you make the best choice for your smart home in Leba

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