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White Rustproof Mailbox For Home Or Business


Out of stock

SKU Mailbox1 Category
SKU Mailbox1 Category


Out of stock



  • 350 mm height
  • 290 mm width
  • 120 mm depth


The mailboxes provided by Smart Security in Lebanon will surely help you when you receive any official or international mail.

Moreover, if you work in the legal sector or are a public figure then this will greatly benefit you.

Additionally, we all know that any mailbox that you wish to buy must fit a couple of tests before you consider buying it.

Accordingly, it needs to be secure and safe from nosy people who might want to search your mail.

For this reason, it needs to be made of metal and it needs to be rustproof and this mailbox delivers on both conditions.

After that, it needs to be big enough to fit a lot of papers and for that, we provide you with 2 sizes according to your needs.

Also, this box can be installed wherever you may like, at the gate, wall, or door as long as the background is sturdy.

Finally, and although it might not be very important, you do want your mailbox to look good in front of your house whether it is mounted on a wall or the door.


  • This mail box can be hanged on walls and doors
  • The mail box is rustproof
  • It is able to hold a lot of important papers while keeping them safe until you arrive


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