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The Somfy V500 VIDEO DOOR PHONE provided by Smart Security is a great device to see the people that knock on your door or gate in Lebanon.

Moreover, you can use the V500’s video door phone to see your visitors from your home before opening the gate.

Additionally, you can control your Somfy RTS equipment (gate, door, rolling shutters, …) and you can view the images of your missed visitors during the day.

Furthermore, you can take benefit of the V500 interface to explore multi-possibilities of product settings (date/hour, colors, contrast, ringtones…)

Also, you can integrate your monitor anywhere in your home thanks to its sleek and elegant design.

Besides you can use the intercom interface to Open the  Gate, Door, or electrical lock from your home.

Likewise, you can easily control your Somfy equipment by using the RTS remote control.

Enjoy peace of mind

With the door phone V500, you can check the identity of visitors day or night using the wide-angle camera and infrared LED night vision. Have you been away from home? You can see who has visited by saving the photos taken by your door phone.

Control your home’s devices

With the V500’s interior monitor, you can control multiple Somfy RTS-compatible devices in your home with just a click.

Customize your monitor interface

Choose the door phone background and ringtone you like the most!

The V500 is a hands-free video door phone with a 7-inch touch-screen dedicated to individual houses.

This installation is composed of one inside monitor and an outdoor call station.

The aim of this product is to control the access of visitors thanks to a call station which is connected to a monitor through 2 wires. V500 is compatible with an existing doorbell or with a new installation.

From home, it allows you to control a motorized gate/door and an electrical lock with a simple touch on your screen. You can have a possibility to answer or avoid the incoming call by sliding a finger. 

The monitor is equipped with an integrated RTS radio transmitter which allows driving up to 5 Somfy RTS products or groups of products through a dedicated interface.

This interface is a simple touch menu dedicated to create, modify or rename your SOMFY equipment.

Dimension and weight of the video intercom

Width: 330 mm

Height: 275 mm

Depth: 85 mm

Technical characteristics of the Somfy V500 VIDEO DOOR PHONE:

Radio Frequency 433,42 MHz
Range in an open field 200 meters
Capacity of memory 5
Nominal Voltage / Frequency Main power adaptor

Thus, getting this video intercom is a great investment for your Smart home to help secure your home. Even more, imagine having the peace of mind that you are safe from strangers when they knock on your door.

So, call us today at Smart Security and let our professional operators help you make the best choice for your smart home in Lebanon.


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