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somfy Tahoma Home Automation Hub


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SKU 1811541 Category
SKU 1811541 Category


Out of stock



Smart Home System
Radio home automation
Remote controlled lighting and plugs:
-Remote controlled ON/OFF lighting and plugs / RTS
-Remote controlled ON/OFF lighting and plugs/ io
-Remote controlled dimming lighting receivers and plugs / RTS
-Remote controlled lighting and plugs ON/OFF and dimming / Zwave
Energy Consumption Management:
-Managing heating and air conditionning
-Electrical consumption monitoring
Detectors and Home Watch
Meteo Sensors:
-Outdoor sun sensor
-Outdoor temperature sensor
-Sunis Wirefree RTS
-Thermosunis Wirefree
-RTS Eolis
-RTS Soliris RTS
Motor Controls Read More

this is the best home automation solution in lebanon.

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Somfy (France)

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