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Somfy Protect Indoor Siren


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SKU 2401494 Category
SKU 2401494 Category


Out of stock


The Somfy Protect Indoor Siren provided by Smart Security is a great Siren that will put fear in the hearts of thieves.

Moreover, This siren will start as soon as it detects a signal of intrusion.

Furthermore, it has a very loud alert sound that reaches 110 dB to scare intruders.

Additionally, the indoor features a slim design and will blend in with any interior design.

Accordingly, with all these features you might think that it will take a lot of time to install.

However, This device is very easily installed by hiring an educated technician.

Add to that, the device has a tamper detection function and will send you a phone notification.

Thus, the siren will sound off in case someone decides to remove or open it.

Also, the device will give you an audible signal to show that it is on or off.

Finally, the siren works using batteries and will turn off after 3 minutes after sounding or using the application.

  • 110dB siren
  •  Easy installation
  •  Works in batteries



  • Loud 110dB siren to scare off uninvited people.
  • After 3 minutes the siren will stop automatically or you can stop it via the app.
  • Audible confirmation of arming and disarming.
  • The indoor siren has extended tamper detection: as soon as the siren is moved, it will activate instantly.
  • The siren will go off and you will receive a push notification.
  • Easy installation.
  •  Works in batteries.

Fast and easy installation

Setup in minutes.

Simply position the siren on a piece of furniture in your home

Automatic system recognition when installed.

Power supply

4 D Alkaline batteries included.

Battery life

2-year battery life with normal use.

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