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Refurbished HDD Hard drive 500 GB


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SKU hdd-ref-500 Category
SKU hdd-ref-500 Category


Out of stock


The Refurbished HDD Hard drive 500 GB provided by Smart Security in Lebanon is an important part of any CCTV system.

Besides, this hard disk drive is suitable for Chia currency mining thanks to its strong build.

Moreover, it is ideal for storing large amounts of digital high-definition media.

Consequently, this hard drive has enough space to retain hours of favorite shows on DVR units for viewing later.

Additionally, with the Seagate Pipeline HD (ST1000VM002), users enjoy reliability for their “always-on” systems.

As such, in-home theaters and DVRs, failure rates drop down to 0.55 percent.

Furthermore, despite spinning at 5900 RPM, it operates with 40 percent lower heat production than comparable units.

Thus, lending efficiency and longevity to its operation.

Also, with its SATA standard connectivity, this 2 TB hard drive is interchangeable with many other devices to accommodate system upgrades.

Add to that, it offers users interface speeds up to 6 Gbps, with 600 Mbps external transfer rates.

Accordingly, the Seagate Pipeline HD has a 64 MB cache for keeping things running smoothly.

Briefly, less than six seconds stands between power-on and readiness, making this hard drive quick to respond.

Finally, this 500 GB hard drive offers a quiet operation that keeps energy bills down while giving the best performance.


Features of the Refurbished HDD Hard drive 500 GB:

Product Type Internal Hard Drive
Form Factor 3.5-inch
Capacity 500 GB
Cache 64 MB
Spindle Speed 5900 RPM
Average Seek Time 8.5 ms
Drive Interface Type SATA 6.0 Gbps
Other Information
  • Quiet Operation
  • EPRML Technology
  • Native Command Queueing (NCQ)
  • Perpendicular Recording Technology
  • Tunneling Magnetoresistive (TMR) Recording Heads


Thus, Getting the Refurbished HDD Hard drive 500 GB will be a good investment for the safety of your home and company for the years to come.

So Call us now at Smart Security and let our professional operators help you with a free consultation.

Indeed, thanks to the storage space it will allow you to record all the data you need for days and weeks.


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