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JA-120PC Bus PIR Motion Detector with Camera


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SKU JA-120PC Category
SKU JA-120PC Category


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The JA-120PC is a bus-powered PIR movement detector with a colour camera which takes colour images of up to 640 x 480 pixels definition.

JA-120PC Bus PIR Motion Detector with Camera

The detector detects movement within the guarded space including visual alarm confirmation. It is equipped with a flash and infrared lighting for taking night pictures. The camera takes digital colour still shots during an alarm in JPEG format.

If a movement is detected the camera takes a series of pictures. The pictures are saved in the internal memory of the detector and transmitted to the control panel in compressed format. From there the shots are transmitted outside the building.

Technical specifications

Power From the control panel bus 12 V (9 – 15 V)
Detection angle/shot range 50°/12 m (with standard lens)
Detection angle / range 110 ° / 12 m (standard lens)
Memory card Micro SD
Memory capacities 1 GB to 2 TB
Environment pursuant to EN 50131-1 II, interior general
Operating temperature range -10 to +40 ° C
Security level Grade 2, EN-50131-2-2
Picture parameters QVGA JPEG 320 x 240, VGA JPEG 640 x 480
Internal memory Micro SD card
Additional features The oldest pictures are overwritten by the newest ones, The pictures can be uploaded to a PC
Examples of the estimated numbers of shots depending on memory card capacity 1 GB 8000 VGA + 8000 QVGA, 2 GB 16000 VGA + 16000 QVGA, 4 GB 32000 VGA + 32000 QVGA

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Jablotron (Europe)

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