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IZYMO™ ON-OFF receiver io


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SKU 1822650 Category
SKU 1822650 Category


Out of stock


Transform any wired lighting or home equipment up to 10A into an io receiver.

The IZYMO ON-OFF receiver io transforms any wired lighting (ceiling lamp, wall lamp…) or wired home equipment up to 10A into a smart one.
To control a lighting, it can be placed behind the wall switch or next to the light source (depending on the installation).
To control a home equipment, it can be placed behind an outlet.

PRESENCE SIMULATION, Thanks to TaHoma, you can make your house come to life whenever you want by launching the ‘presence simulation’ scenario. The shutters open and close, and the entrance lighting goes on and off. This makes it look like you’re at home, even if you’re actually at work or on holiday – giving you complete peace of mind.

PEACE OF MIND WHEN YOU GO OUT, With just one click on your smartphone, you can make sure that all your shutters are closed and all your lights are off when you go out. You no longer need to spend time checking every room… So that’s one less thing to worry about every morning!

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Using Amazon’s vocal assitant, you can change the look and feel of your living room in the blink of an eye. “Alexa, turn on movie night.”… In seconds, the shutters go down, the main light switches off and mood lighting comes on – creating the perfect ambience for watching a movie!

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