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Electrical consumption sensor io


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SKU Electrical-consumption-sensor-io Category
SKU Electrical-consumption-sensor-io Category


Out of stock


The sensor power consumption/heat pump allows you to measure the consumption of the equipment of the house, and pilot a hot water tank.

To ensure the smooth operation of your sensor power consumption/heat pump, your electric meter must be equipped with a tele-information(electronic meter EDF).

Sensor power consumption / heat pump

  • 1: Sensor Supply power consumption / heat pump (230V – 50 Hz)
  • 2: Signal allocation Heating/Sanitary Hot Water
  • 3: Tv-information electronic meter EDF
  • 4: Connecting it to the extent chauffage
  • 5: Connect it to the measurement of the sanitary hot water
  • 6: Connecting it to the extent of consumption of the catch.
  • 7: Output the steering of the water heater
  • 8: LED information*
  • 9: program Button
    • *Led tele-information (Indicator Z1 green):
    • Solid green : normal operation
    • Flashing green : linking problem with the electric meter, Tele-information (non-connected).
    • *Led load Shedding (Light Z2 green) :
    • Solid green : a cycle of load shedding in progress

If the current consumption approaches the maximum of your subscription power, the zones of heating are temporarily downloaded in order to avoid a power outage general.


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