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Curwe WiFi


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SKU Curwe WiFi Categories ,


Out of stock


Curwe WiFi Queue System Main Display

Enjoy the infinite flexiblity in your WiFi wireless network with Curwe main displays with your queue systems. Curwe main displays is fully compatible with the standart IEEE 802.11 WiFi network hardwares such as router, modem or access points. Curwe displays is working with only one static or DCHP IP address and which can displays up to 20 previous call with one connection. It provides a perfect wireless working experience up to 300m. It works any point in your office, just like smartphone or tablet computer, at any time, without the need for cabling or renovations. It can be installed on ceiling, wall or desktop with several installation brackets.

Displays 20 previous calls with only one IP
48×10 pixel resolution with power leds
IEEE 802.11 WiFi support
More than 300 meters wireless communication
Scrolling text information
75mm character height
Red, Blue or White led color options with high luminance power leds
Customizable font styles with Windows fonts
Supports WiFi certified network hardwares for extending coverage


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