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Somfy RTS Receiver

Somfy RTS Receiver


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Brand somfy

RTS Receiver
Receiver for controlling any automatic device using an RTS remote control.

Allow the control of a product by a third party device used to control your motorised roller shutter, garage door Enables Somfy RTS control of a third party control product using a dry volt contact switch.

Requires 12V power supply. The Somfy Universal RTS Receiver provides RTS capability for Somfy's standard motors. It can be used as a stand-alone radio control or with Somfy's RTS sensor for sun and wind control.
Two user-defined intermediate positions can be programmed. This 110V control is packaged in a weatherproof enclosure and includes watertight strain-relief fittings for wires entering the box.

1. The Universal RTS Receiver replaces the following receivers: Centralis, Eolis and Soliris. These receivers are discontinued.
2. This receiver is NOT compatible with Somfy's wired non-RTS sun and/or wind sensors. Read More


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