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DORS 750 Multi Currency counter

DORS 750 Multi Currency counter

LL 2,000,000


DORS 750 is the value counter which is able to recognize the currency, denomination and orientation of banknotes automatically along with their authenticity verification based on visible image, IR image, UV response, optical density and size.

DORS 750 is successfully tested by the Russian Central Bank and the European Central Bank.

  • Authenticity verification of professional level: CIS scanner of IR and visible image of high resolution.
  • Careful and reliable counting of new and worn out banknotes.
  • Multicurrency counter. The basic version includes RUB / EUR / USD, up to 5 currencies optionally.
  • Dust-proof and moisture-proof control panel.
  • Stop of counting and error code display (chained notes, double notes, stuck, jammed notes, banknotes with a big missing fragment).
  • The stacker and some parts of the construction are made of impact-resistant plastic with added carboxylic fiber.
Display Monochrome LCD
Counting speed, banknotes per minute 600/1000/1500
Pocket’s capacity
500 banknotes
200 banknotes
Types of detection:
     Visible image +
     IR image +
     UV control +
     Optical density control +
     Control of banknote’s length and width +
     Note integrity control +
     Double note control +
Power supply 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz
Dimensions,  (WхDхH) 290х240х270mm
Weight 4.2kg
Manufacture DORS Industries LTD

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Brand DORS

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