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b2 Ticket Queue system

b2 Ticket Queue system

b2 Ticket Dispenser with Buttons

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Brand Q-smart

Q-smart B2+ is all in one Queue Management System solutions for small and medium size business. Which doesn't need to any additional computer and meets all your queue management system needs with its technological architecture. Q-smart B2+ connects to your wireless network with the integrated WiFi and which can working together WiFi products as wireless on your 802.11g WiFi network. All equipments that will be needed for the queue management systems (such as WiFi, thermal printer, main power distributor, interface, converters…) are integrated inside it. The system manages your Queue System without the need for any other additional computer, equipment or device.
Specially designed and developed Linux Operating system by Q-smart.
Wireless network communication with 802.11g.
Cross platform supported, web based system management.
System and user performance reports over cross platform web based performance reporting.
Maintenance-free industrial thermal printer mechanism.
Lifetime guaranteed queue ticket buttons.
All alphabets, charsets and languages supported, working compatibly with entire World.
3.000 process on daily basis.


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