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e3 reflex Queue system

e3 reflex Queue system

e3 reflex Ticket Dispenser with Touchscreen

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Brand Q-smart

Q-smart E3 Reflex S is standalone type 19" touch-screen queue management system which meets your all basic queue management needs with its innovative appearance and technology. The exterior appearance of which can be customizable and which will comply with your corporate image. All of the hardware to be needed for the queue management processes (such as thermal printer, main power distributor, interface, converters...) are integrated into it. Q-smart E3 Reflex, the new generation queue management system, quad-core processors at its heart, solid and secure Linux operating system in its mind.
Specially designed and developed Linux Operating system by Q-smart.
4 x 1.2Ghz Quad Core processors.
Customizable exterior appearance.
System and user performance reports over cross platform web based performance reporting system.
Cross platform supported, web based system, ticket template, queue and user management.
Maintenance-free industrial thermal printer mechanism with 1.000.000km cut warranty.
Integrated wireless network communication with 802.11g.
4.000 process on daily basis.


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